Jett Lara: Dreams & Nightmares

We’ve all heard stories about what happens in Downtown Los Angeles, but are they true?

Blossoming trees juxtapose with broken flesh and lost eyes, revealing a strange type of beauty that illuminates overlooked and forbidden corners. Each image serves as a form of self-discovery and redemption, compensating for a difficult past and forging connections with those who share similar struggles.

Jett Lara, a self-taught documentary photographer, explores the candid and honest stories of the city's most vulnerable yet resilient inhabitants, all captured while navigating the congested streets on his bike, White Horse. His portraits showcase small miracles amidst the constant chaos, and offer a raw and evocative examination of a place that is often misunderstood and therefore ignored.

Lara’s debut book Dreams & Nightmares, published by NORKWWD, descends into the heart of Downtown Los Angeles where brutality and beauty intertwine. Available now for pre-order.